Play & Learn Christian Child Care Center is a non-profit Christian child care center provided by Gethsemane Lutheran Church
committed to providing quality child care and early childhood education to infant, toddler, and preschool aged children.


The child care staff in charge of a group of children shall be responsible for their safety in keeping with the policy established by the Center. No child shall ever be alone or unsupervised (by staff or parent/guardian) while at the Center. There is to be no running in the building except during directed physical activity in the great hall or multipurpose room.

Two responsible adults are on the premises at all times. A staff member trained in first aid, communicable disease recognition and management, child abuse/neglect recognition, and CPR is available at the Center in both the main building and the infant/toddler house all the hours the Center is open.

Upon arrival to and departure from the Center, parents/guardians will be responsible to check in with the staff member responsible for their child’s care. Staff members are to greet each parent/guardian and child upon arrival to and departure from their class and immediately mark the class attendance sheet to reflect each child’s arrival and departure. In the parent’s/guardian’s absence staff members assume responsibility for the child. Upon arrival to the Center the parent/guardian re-assumes full responsibility for his/her child.

The Center staff has immediate access to a working telephone at all times. Monthly fire drills will be held. Weather drills will be conducted monthly during the months of March through September. Emergency/lockdown drills will be conducted quarterly. Records of the dates and times are kept in the main office. Fire emergency and weather alert plans (including evacuation routes) are posted in each classroom.

Currently the Center provides only walking field trips. Whenever children leave the building for walking field trips, a first aid kit and a working cellular phone will accompany them. A person trained in first aid/management of communicable disease and CPR shall be available on the trip. Each child shall have proper identification including: the Center’s name, address, and telephone number. Emergency exiting procedures from transportation vehicles shall be practiced with the children on a monthly basis by all staff responsible for transporting children. A record of the dates, times, and staff involved is kept in the office.

Before a child can participate in a water or swimming program where the water is more than two feet deep, a signed and dated permission slip is required indicating whether the child is a swimmer or non-swimmer. The children will be supervised by the child care staff and the pool or body of water shall be supervised by persons who are certified lifeguards or water safety instructors in compliance with the rules of the American Red Cross. The required staff/children ratios of Ohio Law shall be maintained during all swimming and water play activity.

When an accident or injury occurs or when any other incident necessitates the emergency transportation of a child, the Center shall complete a report on the form prescribed by Ohio Law. A copy shall be given to the parent/guardian and a copy shall remain on file at the Center.

The use of spray aerosols is prohibited when children are in attendance at the Center. This includes aerosol sunscreens and medications. Cleaning equipment and materials shall be kept in spaces inaccessible to children. Cots, pads, or mats used for napping shall be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water and sanitized at least every three months. Cots which become soiled during daily use shall be cleaned immediately with soap and water and sanitized with an appropriate germicide. Cots are to be sanitized with the germicidal agent once a month or when a cot becomes soiled or reassigned to another child. All equipment should be inspected regularly to ensure its safety. Electrical outlets must have appropriate coverings when not in use.

Equipment safety and safe use of the equipment are a high priority at our center. Equipment is routinely maintained, and children are instructed as to the rules for safe play as part of our curriculum.

All child care staff members are required by law, ORC 2151.421, to immediately notify the Local Public Children’s Services Agency when a child is suspected to have been abused or neglected. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services number is (614) 466-7765 locally or (866) 866-3537 for any person to use to report a suspected violation by the Center.