Play & Learn Christian Child Care Center is a non-profit Christian child care center provided by Gethsemane Lutheran Church
committed to providing quality child care and early childhood education to infant, toddler, and preschool aged children.

Nap/Quiet Time

For toddler, preschool, and school-age children a nap/quiet time is set aside each afternoon after lunch. We encourage the children to rest and lie quietly. Any child who does not fall asleep after an appropriate length of time during the designated nap/quiet time shall have the opportunity to engage in quiet activities.

Each toddler or preschool child shall be assigned an individual cot for sleeping/resting. If the use of a cot is hazardous to a child, the Center will obtain parent/guardian written permission for an alternative plan. School-age children who rest, nap, or sleep may be provided with a clean, washable pad, mat, or comfortable furniture instead of a cot. No child is permitted to rest, nap, or sleep on the floor. Each child should have a small blanket and pillow for nap time. Parents/Guardians are responsible for laundering blankets at least once weekly. All cots, pads, mats, or other furniture are cleaned and disinfected before reassignment to another child.