Play & Learn Christian Child Care Center is a non-profit Christian child care center provided by Gethsemane Lutheran Church
committed to providing quality child care and early childhood education to infant, toddler, and preschool aged children.

Infant Formula & Food

Infants shall be served food in conformity with dated written instructions from the parent/guardian or physician. The instructions shall include amounts of food, type of food, and feeding times and be updated as needed based upon the child’s needs and parent’s instructions. Should parents/guardians not provide instructions for the serving of food to their child, the infant shall be served formula and/or food in sufficient amounts to meet the meal pattern and quality of the USDA child and adult food program child care component.

Parents/guardians are responsible to provide the appropriate number of prepared formula and/or juice bottles their child needs each day. The bottles must be labeled (bottle and cap) with the child’s name and the date. The Center generally does not prepare formula. Parents/guardians are also required to maintain a backup supply of powdered formula and bottles for use at the Center if formula is spilled and/or if not enough formula is provided to meet the infant’s daily requirements. The backup supply of formula and bottle(s) should labeled with your child’s name and will be stored and used for your infant if and when it becomes necessary. Play & Learn does not store filled bottles of formula, milk, or juice at the Center overnight.

Open containers of ready to feed and concentrated formula shall be covered, dated and refrigerated according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Prepared formula and food shall be discarded or sent home daily if not used.

Until used, all formula or food shall be labeled with the child’s name and date of preparation and refrigerated immediately after preparation or upon arrival and sent home daily. Formula or food that is commercially prepared may not be required to be refrigerated until after opening and shall be stored and served according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the expiration date on the label and labeled with the child’s name and date of preparation.

If breast milk is provided by the parent/guardian, it shall be labeled with the child’s name, date expressed, and the date of receipt.