Play & Learn Christian Child Care Center is a non-profit Christian child care center provided by Gethsemane Lutheran Church
committed to providing quality child care and early childhood education to infant, toddler, and preschool aged children.

Parent Participation

Play & Learn encourages all parents/guardians to actively participate in their child’s education and in the fellowship of the Center. We provide many opportunities throughout the year for parents/guardians to participate.

We maintain an open-door policy at Play & Learn and welcome your presence at the Center. Any custodial parent/guardian of a child enrolled at Play & Learn shall be permitted unlimited access to the Center during the hours of operation for the purpose of contacting their children, evaluating the care provided by the Center, or evaluating the premises. A parent/guardian of a child enrolled at the Center who is not the child’s residential parent/guardian shall be permitted unlimited access to the Center and be afforded the same rights as the residential parent/guardian unless there is court documentation limiting access and conditions of the nonresidential parent/guardian. With exception to drop off and pick up times, upon entering the premises, however, ALL PARENTS/GUARDIANS and VISITORS must report to the office!

A roster of the names and contact information of the parents/guardians of children attending the Center is available upon request. The roster will not include the name or contact information of any parent/guardian who requests his/her name or telephone number not to be included.

Any parents/guardians interested in enrolling their child at the Center will meet with the Director or the Assistant Director for an orientation session to discuss the philosophy, policies, and procedures of the Center. Time will be given for a tour and answering any questions and concerns the parents/guardians may have.